NOVEMBER 2016                                                           NOVIEMBRE 2016                                                                           

Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by! Please be sure to participate in this years General Election (aka) the 2016 Presidential Election this coming November.

  • If you are a Democrat, you may vote for me, as long as you do not vote as a straight party ticket at the voting polls.
  • If you are a Republican, you may vote for me, as long as you do not vote as a straight party ticket at the voting polls. 
  • I am a Green Party of Texas candidate who stands for PEOPLE, PEACE,  and PLANET OVER PROFIT.  

During early elections,  you may experience volunteers or  election poll workers that tell you to vote a #StraightPartyTicket, PLEASE DON'T!  This method brutally cheats other hardworking Candidates (like myself) out of being fairly elected. If you choose each candidate individually, you won't regret it!★

REMINDER: March 1st 2016 is not the Official Election Date for the Dallas County Commissioner District 3 race. My name ONA MARIE will appear on the General Election ballot with other GREEN PARTY CANDIDATES this coming November 2016. It's also when we vote for our new USA President for 2016! 

PEOPLE, PEACE,& PLANET over PROFIT♡is my concern. 

Thank you so much!

Ona Marie Hendricks

Dallas County Commissioner Candidate Pct. 3

Green Party of Texas ★